Take Advantage of your Editorial Exposure
       Reprints are a simple way to put information directly into the hands of your target audience.
       Having been featured in a well-respected publication adds the credibility of a third-party
       endorsement to your message.
Customized Reprints
The publication’s masthead will be placed above the article content and/or images; and your logo and contact information can be prominently featured at the end of the reprint. Customized reprints are printed on quality 80# gloss stock.
Posters are the perfect tool for a trade show display, for use at a speaking engagement, or even the company lunchroom. You can hang the poster anywhere a large format visual would have the most impact.
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Web-Posting Customized ePrints
Extend your exposure to the online audience with a customized web-posting ePrint available in various timeframes. You may also purchase permission for e-mail distribution.
Miniprints / Postcards
Customized reprint postcards make a perfect direct-mail campaign. Double-sided miniprints are also available.
Counter Cards
Your great press on a counter card is the perfect point of purchase or point of sales tool. Share your great press with customers visiting your location or your trade show booth.
Audio / Video Technology
A Video reprint is a great way to present your coverage to your target market. By purchasing a customized Webcast, you will deliver your great press through an exciting new medium. You will be able to add your logo to the beginning of the Webcast and your contact information at the end. Let Webcast reprints take your marketing initiatives to the next level.
Ancillary Products
Explore creative ways to display your great press to your target market. Customized Post-it notes are a fun way to tout your coverage while jotting down a quick note. If you are looking to show off an award logo cobranded with your own, Foster can help you create everything from T-shirts to mouse pads. Let your imagination run wild as you create a variety of products all designed to increase your brand exposure.
For additional information and to place an order for over 100 Custom Reprints, please contact Sales at Foster Printing Service, the offical reprint provider for Cygnus Business Media.
Email: sales@fosterprinting.com
or call 800-875-3251